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Lot 36: Sold for £320 hammer

Four assorted 20th Century hallmarked silver…

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Lot 37: Sold for £190 hammer

Two hallmarked silver Masonic Steward Jewels…

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Lot 38: Sold for £170 hammer

Four assorted white metal Masonic Jewels…

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Lot 39: Sold for £220 hammer

Seven assorted gilt metal Masonic Jewels…

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Lot 40: Sold for £80 hammer

Five hallmarked silver Masonic and other…

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Lot 41: Sold for £230 hammer

Five assorted Masonic related jewels…

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Lot 42: Sold for £65 hammer

An Order of the Buffaloes 9ct and a silver…

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Lot 43: Sold for £140 hammer

An early 20th Century 9ct and silver gilt…

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Lot 44: Sold for £140 hammer

A parcel lot of assorted Masonic items to…

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Lot 45: Sold for £500 hammer

An autograph album mounted with 1950s…

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Lot 46: Sold for £95 hammer

Three railway cast iron wagon plates to…

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Lot 47: Sold for £65 hammer

Three enamelled circular ground signal plates,…

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Lot 49: Sold for £45 hammer

A LNER cast iron gate sign 'Any person who…

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Lot 50: Sold for £150 hammer

A Jaguar wooden display board mounted with…

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Lot 51: Sold for £110 hammer

Two Vulcan chromed Indian head car mascots,…

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Lot 54: Sold for £110 hammer

A 1940s insect deflector, two 1930s swift…

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Lot 55: Sold for £120 hammer

An Austin 105 chrome car mascot, two American…

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Lot 56: Sold for £210 hammer

An original 1965 James Bond film poster for…

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Lot 57: Sold for £75 hammer

A original Italian 1971 James Bond film poster…

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Lot 59: Sold for £45 hammer

An Edwardian stereoscopic viewer together with…

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Lot 61: Sold for £130 hammer

A cast iron railway 'Shut and Fasten' gate…

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Lot 63: Sold for £45 hammer

A collection of twenty six copies of Modern…

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Lot 64: Sold for £720 hammer

A leather bound album of photographic plates…

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Lot 65: Sold for £80 hammer

A framed and glazed L.A Galaxy MLS David…

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Lot 66: Sold for £100 hammer

A Graflex A 1 Folmer and Schwing Division,…

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Lot 68: Sold for £160 hammer

A Fullers spiral slide rule in mahogany fitted…

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Lot 69: Sold for £120 hammer

An album of mid 19th Century and later letter…

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Lot 70: Sold for £55 hammer

An 18th Century album for the Stourbridge…

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Lot 71: Sold for £45 hammer

A collection of 1980s to 2000 American licence…

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Lot 72: Sold for £45 hammer

A collection of American licence number plates…

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