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The April Sale
Lot 528 : £90

A World War II military issue crown wind Waltham pocket watch, black circular dial with Arabic numerals stamped GSTP 276384 with crows foot below, a silver stamp case, a silver pocket watch, silver cigarette case and a white metal Albert (4)

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Nicholas Davies - Director
Silver, Jewellery and Militaria

Over the last 30 years Nick has been involved within the Antique Trade. Founding Fieldings in 2001 the company has grown into a major provincial auction house. Nick has seen a wide variety of items during his career from a South Africa Rorke’s Drift Medal, which sold for £39,500 to the iconic Athena tennis dress and racket purchased by Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club from Fieldings in 2015.

Sold for £90 hammer