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The January Sale
Lot 603 : £950

A Nicole Freres key wind musical box playing eight airs No 32018, Gamme No 1389 withy tune card, cylinder 33.5cm in line inlaid case with floral marquetry cartouche to the top, width 51.5cm

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Nicholas Davies - Director
Silver, Jewellery and Militaria

Over the last 30 years Nick has been involved within the Antique Trade. Founding Fieldings in 2001 the company has grown into a major provincial auction house. Nick has seen a wide variety of items during his career from a South Africa Rorke’s Drift Medal, which sold for £39,500 to the iconic Athena tennis dress and racket purchased by Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club from Fieldings in 2015.

Sold for £950 hammer