Friday Fun Quiz - A Gem of a challenge.....but can you solve the puzzle?

LET US ENTERTAIN YOU - Fieldings Friday Fun Quiz!

So this weeks challenge has been set by our very own jewellery specialist Nick Davies who's going to test your knowledge of Gemstones!

In the images there are 10 precious and semi precious stones, all cut, polished and ready to set into a piece of jewellery, but can you identify them?

Now heres the extra piece of the puzzle! Once you've identified all the stones, and we need the name of each, you need to take the first letter of each stone and re-arrange them in to a well known phrase! Now to make things a little more difficult, we've jumbled the stones up so that they're not in the right order......I know we're mean....but we can't make this too easy for you can we?

We will give you a little clue.....the phrase is made up as follows.

_ _ _ _    _ _    _ _ _ _ 

A four letter word, a two letter word and another four letter word!

We did want to add a little incentive to get you all quizzing this weekend so heres a surprise for you. The prize is.....the collection of stones! Yes thats right, we are giving away all of the actual stones featured! This is an amazing prize and hopefully you'll all find it great fun, so why not get involved and have a go!

The stones for this quiz have been very kindly donated by one of our clients and in addition Fieldings Auctioneers Ltd have made a donation to the NHS equivalent to their value. 

We will keep the quiz open till next Thursday evening so please email me your answers with all the stones names and phrase together with your contact details to 

I will draw the winning entry out of a hat at random and let you all know the answers and who is the lucky winner at next fridays quiz!

Now hopefully this is going to get the grey matter working so why not grab a coffee, tea or maybe something a little stronger and settle down to crack our puzzle.

Good luck everyone - stay safe, keep well and best wishes from all of us here at Fieldings. 



So we've now closed this competiton and have drawn the winner. We wish to congratulate Dr Anne Green for her winning entry and we hope you enjoy the stones.

To everyone else, we want to thank you for entering and we hope you found it fun! The response has been fantastic and we are so pleased that this gave you something different to think about for a little while.

We have now posted the answers within the images incase anyone still wants to play for fun. If you enlarge the images the answers are now on the last screen.

Once again, many thanks and stay safe and well - All the best from the Fieldings team


Posted on 24 April 2020 in: Auction life

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