Friday Fun Quiz - Ceramics challenge


The weeks are flying round here at Fieldings Auctioneers and thankfully its Friday once more so time so call an end to the week and settle down with our regular weekly quiz! This week we thought we'd throw you a ceramic based you know your Wedgwood from your Worcester, your Spode from your Susie or your Moorcroft from your Majolica?

Here at Fieldings Auctioneers we pride ourselves on our ceramics knoweldge and over the years have handled thousands of pieces from a huge range of factories and designers. Our ceramics team including Alison, Rachel and Will love their ceramics and are constantly finding pieces for collectors from around the world.

Ceramics have always been central to our business at Fieldings Auctioneers and every month we find a wonderful array of pieces from the weird to the wonderful. This week we've dug down in to our archives and own collections to test your knowledge. 

Once again there are 12 questions each with a bonus point so theres a possible 24 points up for grabs in this weeks fun friday night quiz!

And to encourage you all we're going to offer up a little prize for the winner! There'll be a signed copy of one of Wills books for the person with the highest score, you can choose which book you'd like. In the event of a tie I'll draw the winners name out the hat. Email me your answers to

Good luck everyone and hope it fills a few moments during lockdown.

The questions related to the numbered images shown here to the left. 

Question 1 - Where was this mug made?  

Bonus - What's the pattern name?

Question 2 - Who made this vase? 

Bonus - What's the name for the type of glaze?

Question 3 - Who designed this comic cat? 

Bonus - Where were they made?

Question 4 - Who designed this lustrous vase?

Bonus - Can you tell me the pattern name?

Question 5 - Who produced this fishy vase? 

Bonus - Can you name the designer responsible for the pattern?

Question 6 - Who made this vase?

Bonus - Can you give me the name of the range?

Question 7 - Who is responsible for making this intricate teapot?

Bonus - What is the technique called?

Question 8 - What is the name for this type of decoration?

Bonus - What is this vase better known as?

Question 9 - Who made this vase? (designer and factory)

Bonus - What is the technique called?

Question 10 - What is this type of pottery known as?

Bonus - What is this object for?

Question 11 - Who designed this plate?

Bonus - What is the pattern called?

Question 12 - Who designed this elegant coffee service?

Bonus - What's the name of the shape and pattern?

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe and keep well. Will and everyone at Fieldings Auctioneers Ltd


A huge thanks to everyone who entered the quiz and I'm delighted to confirm that the winners with a full house of 24 points out of a possible 24 were a mother and daughter team of Maureen and Helen Foster! I've added the answers as an image slide in case anyone still wants to play along. Well done to you both and thanks again for all the entries. Keep an eye for this weeks quiz.


If you'd like any more information on any of the featured pieces please don't hesitate to contact me via the same address

Posted on 1 May 2020 in: Auction life

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