Friday Fun Quiz - Time to test your Glass-tastic knowledge!


With a sale on the horizon we've been busy this week at Fieldings looking after clients and dealing with all the preparations for the auction. Friday is now here so its time to call an end to another week and settle down with our quiz! This week we thought we'd throw you a glass based you know your Loetz from your Lobmeyr, your Gallé from your Graal or your Baccarat from you Bohemian?

Here at Fieldings Auctioneers we pride ourselves on our glass knowledge! Located in Stourbridge, the historic heart of the British glass industry, glass is at the heart of our business too. Fieldings are proud to sell more glass than any other saleroom in the country and over the years we have handled tens of thousands of pieces! From elegant period examples to bold contemporary creations theres no end to the array of glass that has passed through our hands. Will is passionate about this most magical of materials and loves nothing more than finding rare and exciting pieces for collectors around the world.

This week we've dug down in to our archives and own collections to test your knowledge on this wonderfully diverse subject, filled with history, skill and stunning design! Can you identify the makers, name techniques, date and even price some of the wonderful pieces we've found to challenge you this week?

Once again there are 12 questions each with a bonus point so theres a possible 24 points up for grabs in this weeks fun Friday night quiz!

And to encourage you all we're going to offer up a little prize for the winner! There'll be a signed copy of one of Wills books for the person with the highest score, you can choose which book you'd like. In the event of a tie we'll draw the winners name out the hat. Email your answers to


Good luck everyone and have a great weekend.

The questions relate to the images on the left

Question 1 - Who designed this bowl? (designer and factory)

Bonus - Whats the technique called?

Question 2 - Who made this paperweight?

Bonus - Whats the commonly used pattern name of this weight?

Question 3 - Who made this little chap?

Bonus - Whats the technique used to make him called?

Question 4 - Who designed this clock?

Bonus - Whats the name of the design?

Question 5 - Who manufactured this Art Nouveau vase?

Bonus - Can you name the pattern?

Question 6 - Who made this cameo glass plaque?

Bonus - How much did it sell for?

Question 7 - Who made this drinking glass?

Bonus - Can you date it?

Question 8 - Which factory manufactured this vase?

Bonus  - Whats the technique/pattern called?

Question 9 - Who designed this Art Nouveau vase?

Bonus - What is this vase worth?

Question 10 - Can you name the artist who decorated this 18th Century drinking glass?

Bonus - Can you date the glass?

Question 11 - Who designed this vase (designer and factory)

Bonus - Whats the technique called?

Question 12 - Who made these cheeky glass robots?

Bonus - What technique does the artist use to make their glass?


If you have a piece of glass you'd like us to value or tell you more about or if you'd like any more information on any of the featured pieces please don't hesitate to contact Will via his direct email address


We are delighted to announce the winner of this weeks quiz as HELEN FOSTER. Helen managed to score a full house with every answer correct! We've now added the answers to the picture roll in case anyone wants to play the quiz in the future.


Thanks to everyone who sent in their answers and for participating. We'll be back with another quiz next week, until then, have a great weekend.

Posted on 15 May 2020 in: Auction life

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