Friday Fun Quiz - VE Day 75th Anniversary

UPDATE WITH ANSWERS - Today marks 75 years since VE Day as the United Kingdom remembers the end of war in Europe. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will lead a two-minute silence from Scotland on a day of celebration and commemoration which also includes a national toast, an address by Her Majesty the Queen, and a nationwide sing-a-long of Vera Lynn’s We'll Meet Again! On such a day its important that we take a moment to remember those who fought for our freedom and to say thank you!

Along with the many things happening today we also wanted to share a little fun quiz with you which will look back at this important chapter in our history and test your knowledge of items from the Second World War! There are 12 questions with a further 12 bonus questions so you could score a possible 24 points!

So while you're enjoying your afternoon tea why not settle down for 10 minutes and see how you get on.

1.This patriotic teapot was made to celebrate the donations of aluminium (such as domestic pots, pans and flatware) given by Dyson and Horsfall needed for allied armaments in 1939. Who made it? 

Bonus – Who is often mis-attributed as the designer of the shape of this teapot?

2. Who designed this iconic range of posters?

Bonus – What is their real name?

3. Which important figure wore this uniform?

Bonus – What branch of the British Army is it?

4. When was the V for Victory sign first used?

Bonus – Which country coined the phrase?

5. Who designed this character jug?

Bonus – What estimate would he carry at auction?

6. Whose designed this iconic jacket?

Bonus – Who wore them? 

7. What was rationed first – food or clothes?

Bonus – What came off the ration first – food or clothes?

8. This character was taken from a poster campaign – what was it known as? 

Bonus – What was it designed to be used for?

9. This type of ‘all-in-one’ suit was designed to be easily put on or taken off, originally for use as a way of covering all types of garments on the way to air-raid shelters. What was is known as?

Bonus – Who famously wore one, calling it their ‘romper suit’?

10. Created in 1943, who or what would have been awarded this medal for bravery?

Bonus – What is it called?

11. Women were encouraged to ‘Make Do and Mend’ by which illustrated character?

Bonus – From what precious material is this made from? 

12. What purpose did these serve?

Bonus – When did they become compulsory? 

As usual, we'll keep the quiz open till next Thursday night and announce the winner next Friday along with the answers. This week the prize is a £20 gift voucher to spend at one of Fieldings future sales.

UPDATE - WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF OUR VE DAY QUIZ - After a huge amount of entries I am delighted to announce our winner for this competition is Debbie Cooper! Well done Debbie and we'll be in touch with you to send your gift voucher!

As usual I've added the answers to the quiz in the picture roll in case anyone wants to have a go just for their own amusement. We will be announcing the winner of last weeks quiz tomorrow too.

As always - many thanks for getting involved. Best wishes - Everyone here at Fieldings

Posted on 8 May 2020 in: Auction life

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