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On Thursday 6thand Friday 7th August our picture specialist Bill lacey will be out on the road visiting clients in the Sutton Coldfield and Solihull / Knowle areas to discuss their paintings.

During these unprecedented days of ‘lock  down’  we have all spent more time at home than ever before. I think people have taken the opportunity to look again at their homes, whether  this has involved a complete make over or simply a closer look at their furniture and pictures. 

Many people have not had a recent sale or insurance valuation of their pictures. The picture market  is constantly evolving so a watercolour or oil that was the height of fashion  ten years ago may now have fallen out of favour and consequently  dropped in value.  Conversely when everyone wanted to create the ‘Victorian look’ more modern work was largely ignored yet today paintings from the 1950s and ‘60s are very much in demand.

We have sold some wonderful pictures on behalf of clients in both the Solihull and Leamington Spa areas and I am certain there are many more to be discovered.

Bill says,

'I would love to find more works by some of the key figures of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. The influential 19th century watercolour painter David Cox (1783-1859) was an early member of the RBSA.  A little later than Cox was Joseph Southall (1861-1944), an artist associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement, who painted wonderfully stylish landscapes and commissioned portraits of the influential figures of the day.

One of my favourite artists, William Joseph Wainwright (1855-1931) was appointed president of the RBSA in 1927. He is particularly recognized for his meticulously detailed watercolour portrait studies, tender and full of character. Purely from a personal point of view I would be delighted to see more Wainwrights.

I would love to see any works by members of The Birmingham Surrealist Group which was founded in 1935. Leading figures include Conroy Maddox, John Melville, Desmond Morris, Emmy Bridgwater and Oscar Mellor. Extraordinary paintings which still look fresh today.

I look forward to meeting clients both old and can’t wait to discover some forgotten masterpieces.'

To make an appointment to see Bill please contact us  on 01384 444140 or info@fieldingsauctioneers.co.uk 



Posted on 1 August 2020 in: What's new

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