Fieldings Auctioneers 'Puzzle' over latest find

German jigsaw manufacturers Ravensburger have added ‘The Auction’ to their popular ‘Best of British’ series. The 1000 piece jigsaw, recently released for the Christmas period, depicts fictious auctioneers ‘Gavel and Lotte Ltd’ but is almost entirely based on our very own saleroom.

All the featured characters are based on all the team at Fieldings, can you spot someone you know?

The artist Geoff Tristram is a regular at Fieldings Auctioneers and our photographer Jay’s dad.  Fieldings Auctioneers were delighted to be involved in this project and had so much fun sitting for the portraits. We have loved seeing all of the staff characterized in different ways.

Will Farmer says:

‘Geoff is a good friend of the saleroom, when he approached us to be involved we jumped at the chance.  His witty, humorous characterisation really encapsulates the staff and the day to day running of a busy saleroom’.


Fieldings Auctioneers are selling the jigsaws at RRP £12.99 plus £2.95 UK postage. All profits will be donated to Birmingham based charity, Edwards Trust.  

If you would like a copy, please contact us for details at or 01384 444140.

Please state when ordering if you would like your copy to be signed by Nick and Will or any other members of staff.




Will Farmer, Director at Fieldings Auctioneers, was interviewed by Ravensburger:


How did the idea of Fieldings being in a puzzle come about?


We have known Geoff Tristram for a few years now, as he originally came to us as a client who wanted to sell some of his art work. Geoff is the most amazing artist who manages to effortlessly move from his hilarious comic style through to his hyperrealist style. Having sold a number of works for him through our rooms we struck up a friendship and with a shared sense of humour our visits always resulted in endless laughs. A couple of years ago Geoff then enquired if we had any positions vacant, not for Geoff I might add but for his son Jay (featured in the puzzle). A chance question turned into Jay now being a key member of the Fieldings team! Jay is responsible for all the photography for the auctions and has been a fantastic addition to our family. With all these connections Geoff approached us with the idea of including ‘The Auction House’ to the ‘Best of British’ range and asked if we’d be happy to be used as his inspiration.

I have to confess we never dreamed that we would all feature in the way we have and as a team we are thrilled!


How did the rest of your team react to the idea of being in a puzzle? 


From day one it was a resounding yes. Having seen others from the same range we knew that we would be included in some way, but Geoff took his usual idea to a whole new level with each of us playing a key role within the scene. It’s part of Geoff’s amazing attention to detail that he placed all members of the Fieldings family within the scene!


How involved were you in the design process?


Geoff called to ask if he could come down and take some photos of our saleroom and also pictures of us to use as reference when he got home. Beyond that its Geoff’s magic in full flow. Those who know Geoff well will understand that he has an endless stream of puns, witty comments and of course classic ‘dad jokes’. Putting all his best efforts into play he really captured the essence of an auctioneer’s life, albeit tongue in cheek! Geoff showed us his first draft and wanted us to check he’d not made any errors. I made one request….which was to change the pattern on the Clarice Cliff teapot to my favourite design!


Do you enjoy puzzles yourself or have any big puzzle fans in the team?


Well the secret is now out, I love a jigsaw puzzle! Over the years I’ve had a few friends who like nothing better than a jigsaw puzzle and we all know the temptation to pick up a piece and pop it in place when we find a jigsaw half made on someone’s dining room table!


With an increase in people taking up puzzles as a pastime in recent years, do you think puzzles could be collectibles of the future or indeed are there some collectible ones seen at auction already? 


Puzzles often turn up at auction and we have seen early examples, ones featuring scenes from great railway journeys or even maps fetch hundreds of pounds so there is no doubt that puzzles are popular! As with everything time adds value so, in many years to come, it would be wonderful to think that this puzzle featuring the Fieldings team will be a sought after collectible. Long after I’m gone maybe people will be looking up “who was Will Farmer?” 


What did you think of the finished puzzle? 


We think it’s absolutely amazing! Everyone here at the saleroom is chuffed to bits with the finished product! It’s going to be great fun making it and I think it’s safe to say that we all know what our family and friends are getting for Christmas this year!

Posted on 8 October 2020 in: What's new

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