Consigning now for our upcoming Clarice Cliff Auction

Fieldings Auctioneers are synonymous with the sale of Clarice Cliff ceramics through auction. We are the largest international seller of Clarice Cliff pottery worldwide and hold some of the records for the highest prices every paid through auction. 

We hold a bi-annual Clarice Cliff auction yearly, which is consigned and curated by renowned Clarice Cliff expert, author, antiques Roadshow expert and Fieldings director Will Farmer. 

If you are interested in buying or selling Clarice Cliff ceramics through auction then please get in touch. Our next auction will take place 19th/20th October. 




Interested in seeing our Clarice Cliff results from our March 2023 auction, click the links below 


Click here to view Fruit and Floral Clarice Cliff results

Click here to view Geometric Clarice Cliff results

Click here to view Landscape Clarice Cliff results


All items shown in the featured image are consigned for our October 2023 Clarice Cliff auction





Posted on 2 August 2023 in: What's new

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