Another white glove auction at Fieldings

Fieldings Auctioneers were delighted to sell the late Roger Hensman.


Roger was a well known and highly respected collector in the field of Architectural and ceramic tiles and his collection represents over 40 years of research and dedication.


An avid member of TACS (Tile & Architectural Ceramic Society) Roger was passionate about this broad ranging subject and his collection reflected that! From 18th Century Dutch and English Delft through to contemporary studio work from living artists, his collection is a time line of the this remarkable subject.


Over the years Fieldings Auctioneers have been instructed to handle a number of significant tile collections including the landmark sale of the late Sheila Hughes. This sale however is believed to be one of the, in not THE largest single owner collection to ever come for sale.


Rogers research was invaluable during the catalogue process and has delivered a sensational record of tiles for many years to come.


Under instructions from the family the whole collection sold without reserve as they know the next owners will be as passionate as Roger was in documenting this fascinating slice of ceramic history.


Here are a few words from Rogers daughter - Stella


My dad was a collector of many things but tiles above all else. As a young girl, I struggled to understand his peculiar passion but tiles were, nevertheless, a constant fixture in my childhood. Frequent day trips to  churches, tiled pubs and occasionally public toilets(!) or dad shouting 'won't be long!', as he ducked into an antiques shop or fair, emerging a couple of hours later with his collecting bag a few pounds heavier. I found my own routine on these forays, searching for Wade Whimsies alongside him or playing with the pets of his 'tile friends' (I have particularly fond memories of Thelma's dog). 


Back at home, there was always a slight air of secrecy about his collecting. Parcels through the door were swiftly squirreled away into the front room to be researched, catalogued and then taken away for storage in the vaults of his old law firm, frequently without me or mum ever seeing them. I'm pretty sure the information age would have completely passed dad by if it weren't for Ebay and the collecting opportunities it presented!         


It was only after dad's sad death in 2022 that we got a real sense of the size and significance of his collection. Looking through his meticulously-kept catalogues and then exploring the physical collection, it was clear that this had been a lifelong labour of love and the product of some serious research. Over the last few months, working with Will on the sale, it's been fascinating to learn more about makers whose names I half-remember from childhood and to see dad's name and those of familiar friends in the many reference books that filled his shelves. 


I know from dad's involvement in TACS over many years that there is a close-knit community of like-minded enthusiasts and friends out there and I do hope that his collection now shared will bring as much pleasure to others as it very clearly did to him.’





Posted on 19 June 2024 in: Auction life

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