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Suffragette interest - Nine cheques filled out to E.B. Phelps, signed and endorsed by E.B. Phelps, all drawn on The People's Bank, East Orange, N.J., dated from between December 1898 and July 1900 for various amounts, with an applied red, two cent revenue stamp. Also a business card engraved Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Forty nine East Sixty fifth Street, above which is a hand written message in black ink signed for Marion Dickerman stating ''A very merry Christmas to you! Marion Dickerman and ..' Elizabeth B. Phelps was a wealthy American lady in the 19th Century and an early supporter of women's rights to equality. Ms Phelps owned apartments at No 49 East Twenty Third Street, New York which she rented to Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton , proprietors of the newspaper 'The Revolution', a women's rights newspaper which promoted the prohibition of discrimination against women having the right to vote. It was through their mutual friendship and support that on May 15th 1868, Elizabeth Phelps became Vice President for the National Woman's Suffrage Association in New York, a newly formed group founded by her friends Anthony and Stanton. She used her apartment on East Twenty Third Street as the headquarters for the Woman's Bureau and from here, successfully entertained reformers, educators, writers and artists, as well as inviting speakers and delegates from across the United States to meetings, luncheons and dinners. Marion Dickerman (1890-1983) was a suffragette, educator and long-time friend of Eleanor Roosevelt. They worked together for the Women's Trade Union League, The League of Women Voters, and the Democratic National Committee.

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