Comic books are a strong collectors market and prices have been increasing rapidly. The golden age of comics (1938-1956) saw the introduction of Superman and Batman, as well as many other familiar superheroes such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and others. Interest in superheroes waned in the 1940s, and the comic industry saw further setbacks in the 1950s when violence in comics was blamed for juvenile delinquency. The Silver Age of comics (1956-1975) saw superheroes reemerge, and many of these characters such as the Justice League or Fantastic Four are still highly popular today. DC and Marvel are two of the well known publishers, but many of their stories were reprinted in the UK by a British published named Alan Class and these are now attracting more collector interest. Collectors are particularly concerned with collecting key issues, which feature a major event such as the first appearance or death of an important character. Condition is key for collectors, and fine examples attract a premium. We are always interested in seeing pre-decimalisation issues of comics. Read more

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